Besides the Tearose our Hanseatic city of Deventer has so much more to offer, like the historic city center with old streets, cozy shops, beautiful places to sleep and much more!


Enjoy Deventer!

Spend the night

Hotel de Leeuw

Nieuwstraat 25

7411 LG Deventer


Located in an old bakery, besides the 9 rooms, you will also find a typical old-Dutch candy-store and the Hanzemuseum.

2 –  days “Friends” package

1 overnight stay in Hotel de Leeuw

Afternoon Tea at the Tearose

€ 78,- per person


Huize de Worp

Worp 33

7419 AB Deventer


On a beautiful location close to the city centre, with a view on the oldest Dutch park (1699), the IJssel river and our Hanseatic city of Deventer you will find the villa Huize “De Worp”.


‘t Cocon

Walstraat 58

7411 GN Deventer



Would you like to combine a tasty visit to the Tearose with more relaxing time? At ’t Cocon you can enjoy a well deserved floating session.


Floating & more

Book your treatment direct at ‘t Cocon


Get a tasty voucher for the Tearose!




Ambachtelijke Rokerij Zuidvenne

Mercuriusweg 12d

7202 BS Zutphen


At ‘Ambachtelijke Rokerij Zuidvenne’ they know the importance of tradition.


The old art of smoking fish in a sustainable way is passionately performed here on a daily basis.


It already starts with the mineral rich sea salt from Guerande, which is harvested by hand from this Unesco protected marine reserve. After harvest the salt is transported by a sailing vessel to the Netherlands, therefore free of CO2 emission. After arrival in Zutphen the salt is first properly dried and smoked thoroughly with a mix of carefully selected wood species.


Smoking of the fish is also done in a sustainable way in wooden smokers with a 90% reduction of CO2 emission compared to other methods. Every batch is Slow Smoked!

The Salmon originates from the Faeroer islands, North of Scotland. Before smoking the sides are first salted with the mineral rich sea salt after which the Salmon is dried and aged before the cold smoking can start.

The same sustainable principles they apply for our Mackerel, which is caught with a vacuum pump. After arrival the Mackerel is hand-cleaned, brined and dried after which the fish is warm smoked in wooden smoke cabinets.


Due to this carefully followed process and mineral rich brine the goodness of the fish is better preserved which include the beneficial Omega 3 fats.


This is why Zuidvenne is our preferred supplier for 0ur mackerel and salmon.


Kleine Muyl

Kleine Muyl, walnut- & hazelnutoil Mill

Blankemateweg 2

7397 NT Nijbroek


Throughout the IJssel river valley there are numerous walnut trees. Many of the nuts normally would not get collected but this would be a waste since there is beautiful oil to be pressed from these nuts!

This delicious cold pressed oil is 100 % sourced from the valley region and we use this also in our kitchen.


If you would also like to enjoy this walnut- or hazelnut oil or you have your own nuts you would like to press into oil, please contact the Kleine Muyl.



Agropuro, straight from Indonesia.


We aso like to work with spices like cinnamon, vanilla, clove and more. In Argopuro we find the perfect supplier. Straight from the farm in Indonesia into our kitchen!


Besides species Argopuro is als selling cute and handy fruitbaskets, Suar tree-tables and more.


Look at

Made Blue

Our water receives a special filtration. Not only does this improve the taste of our tea, it also allows us to make a contribution to the world by sponsoring clean drinking water where needed.  Worldwide there are around 700 million people with no access to safe and clean drinking water.


The concept is simple, ‘water for water’. For every litre of water we serve, Made Blue takes care of 1,000 times this quantity of clean drinking water in countries like Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Senegal and other developing countries.


To realise this we donate an amount to Made Blue for every litre of water we serve, like your pot of tea or bottle of still or sparkling water. Every pot of tea ensures 250 litres and every bottle 350 litres of clean drinking water.


Together with Made Blue we ensure safe and clean drinking water for all!